Logging & Hauling

Logging & Hauling

reliable safe fiber harvest and delivery

At Newland, reliable safe fiber harvest and delivery is what we do. Our crews have the knowledge and experience to get the job done right in the bush the first time making Newland a competitive option for any conventional logging job. We want every stakeholder involved to get the most they can out of every job and we will go the extra distance to make sure they do.

Experienced Operators

Our operators are some of the best in the business with experience in all aspects of conventional logging and hauling operations. Over time we’ve seen a variety of difficult blocks, steep woodlots, and tight properties. Our skilled operators have the ability to log it all in some of the newest John Deere and Tigercat equipment on the market.

Versatile Fleet

Our logging truck fleet features new model Western Star trucks relying on Hayrack trailers to make our fleet one of the most versatile around. Shorts, longs, pulp, or biolog we can haul it with our growing fleet and excellent group of professional drivers.

Maintained Equipment

The Newland Shop in Fort St. James allows us to keep our trucks, pickups, and equipment up and running to ensure consistently high production in the bush and on the road. Together with expertise from our local equipment service departments our mechanical team keeps our equipment running smooth.

Expert Subcontractors

Expert subcontractors also contribute to our successful logging services. Our community of subcontractors are integrated into the processing, mechanical, trucking, and bunching phases of our business to help us meet the demands of any job.